The Business Case

The Need

Too many nonprofits doing critical work simply cannot afford office space in the communities they serve. This is especially true in urban centers like New York and San Francisco where commercial real estate prices have soared in recent years. Space gives nonprofits the stability they need to tackle critical problems and ensure long-term change in our communities.

Surveys of major cities show that less than 20% of nonprofits own their office space.
— Nonprofit Centers Network

The Opportunity

Both host organizations and adopting organizations have much to gain by joining forces in the Adopt a Cause Movement. While workplace culture and employee morale have always been priorities in professional settings, the ways to shape these experiences are changing, and it's important to stay relevant.

Organizations that have already entered into shared space arrangements have cited positive outcomes: “You really start using space to the best of your ability. Different people may have different standards with regards to cleanliness, organization, etc. You have to be able to compromise and we are lucky to have such great office mates who are always willing to meet us halfway,” said Jessica Arrighi of World Connect. The Adopt a Cause Movement not only brings organizations together around space and cause, but creates a network of shared resources, knowledge and opportunity. Each match expands our footprint and our ability to provide for our respective constituents. Together, our missions are mightier.