Guide to Being a Gracious Guest:
Tips for Acknowledging Your Host

You’ve been welcomed into a new office space by a fantastic host organization. How can you possibly thank them enough? We'll give you plenty of ideas.

Recognize them: Show appreciation in your networks: personal, professional and social. Let others know your organization is able to make its mark even bigger thanks to the generosity of [INSERT AWESOME COMPANY HERE], using #AdoptaCause.

If you can, include your host company’s logo and social accounts on your site and in print publications such as your annual report, encouraging your supporters to engage and check out their products and services. And if you know folks who are seeking those very services, make a direct introduction.

Not sure where to start? Ask your hosts directly how you can help them.

Does your team have skills that they desire? Share your knowledge! Are you social media savvy or a database guru? Schedule Lunch & Learns or weekly workshops.

Are they having an event where you can volunteer? Lend a hand! Include their upcoming events and campaigns in your organization’s calendar and take part whenever possible.

Would they like you to speak about your AAC experience with their team at a Board or other meeting? Prepare your talking points! Show off what you’ve noticed about their workplace culture and how your team has become a part of it.

Invited to an event with a +1? See if someone from your host’s office might value the opportunity to network outside his/her usual community.

Every day, as you are talking about your organization's work, you have opportunities to recognize your host.

Keep an eye out daily for chances to incorporate the company’s services, leadership and expertise—and, of course, CSR. For example, organize a lunchtime potluck. Create the “Thank You” that will be most meaningful to your host.

There’s no limit to how much you can and should appreciate your Adopt a Cause host organization (and same goes for them, talking about how proud they are of you). In doing so, you both may inspire another another match!