Sample Adopt A Cause Memorandum Of Commitment[1]

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This Memorandum of Commitment (“MOC”), dated _______________, is made and entered into by [Company Name], located at [address], (the “Host”) and [Nonprofit Name], located at [address], (the “Adoptee”), (each a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”) for the purposes of memorializing each Party’s commitments to the other and understanding of the goals of their Adopt a Cause relationship (the “Relationship”).


WHEREAS, the Parties mutually believe that the Host and the Adoptee will offer each other an array of benefits because of working alongside each other on a daily basis, and;

WHEREAS, the Host seeks to provide a supportive work environment in which to temporarily host the Adoptee and support the Adoptee’s important work to improve society, and;

WHEREAS, the Adoptee seeks to contribute special expertise to the Host and to provide opportunities for the Host’s employees to become more involved in contributing to the betterment of society.


NOW THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:

1.      The Host shall provide the Adoptee with up to [number] dedicated workstations, each of which includes a desk space and chair, a docked laptop or desktop computer and monitor, a landline phone, and access to a storage closest or space, in the Host’s offices located at [address] (the “Office”).[2]

2.      The Host shall provide the Adoptee with reasonable and regular access to its communal meeting spaces and conference rooms in the Office.

3.      The Host shall provide the Adoptee with access to printers, scanners, telephone services and Internet services within the Office.

4.      The Host shall provide the Adoptee with access to and use of basic office supplies otherwise provided to the Host’s employees in the Office’s supply rooms.  Office supplies not routinely provided by the Host in the Office’s supply rooms shall be the sole financial responsibility of the Adoptee.

5.      The Host shall provide reasonable access, as requested by the Adoptee, to designated professionals in the Host’s business operations teams, including human resources, information technology, finance, communications and marketing.

6.      The Adoptee shall provide guidance, as reasonably requested by the Host, on [insert subject-matter expertise the Adoptee will provide].

7.      The Adoptee shall provide the Host’s employees with at least [number] corporate volunteer opportunities annually, which shall be designed specifically to meet the reasonable desires and expectations of the Host.

8.      The Parties shall agree to meet at least quarterly to review accomplishments, discuss difficulties, and generally assess the effectiveness of the Relationship.

9.      The Parties agree to approach their Relationship with the utmost mutual respect and commitment to a beneficial experience for each Party.

10.  Each Party agrees to treat all non-public information of the other Party encountered during the Relationship as confidential and shall not disclose such information unless obligated to do so by law.

11.  The Parties agree that their intention is to continue their Relationship for [one/two] years commencing on [date], so as to provide adequate time for each Party to fully realize the benefits of the Relationship.

12.  The Parties agree to mutually support and endorse the Adopt a Cause movement in hopes of encouraging an abundance of such mutually beneficial relationships that create greater societal good.


[Host Name]





[Adoptee Name]




[1] This form of a MOC is provided as a sample only for modification to meet the individual needs of the Parties.  This MOC sample is not provided as or held out to be legal advice or a binding contract.  Should a Host and Adoptee wish to create a legally binding contract, we suggest that each Party retain legal representation to provide advice and counsel specific to each their needs and individual circumstances and the relevant laws of the applicable jurisdiction.

[2] As with the entirety of this MOC, all terms are provided as suggestions and options. Beyond a mutually beneficial work space arrangement, what benefits are provided by the Host and Adoptee are entirely dependent upon the unique needs and abilities of the parties.